Name Projectile Points Artifacts and Arrowheads Online Auction
Auctioneer Asset Marketing Pros, LLC
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 5/12/2022
May 12th - Auction will go Live Online with Soft Close at 7 pm
Preview Date/Time Monday - Friday at our Auction House from 10 am to 5 pm Asset Marketing Pros, LLC 115 N Robb St Trinity, Texas 75862
Checkout Date/Time Unpaid invoice will be emailed at the close of the auction - Please respond. Auction items must be paid within two days of the auction ending. At 5 pm on Saturday all invoices will be charged to the credit card on file.
Location 115 N Robb St PO Box 27 Trinity, Texas 75862 Download our Free Mobile App
Trinity, TX 75862
Buyer Premium 13%BP -3% Discount Cash Pd 2 Days
Projectile points, artifacts and arrowheads online Estate Auction. These items are authentic artifacts from the Estate of an avid life-long collector, enthusiast and researcher. Native American Texas Artifacts and Arkansas Artifacts are where these were collected. Periods from the Pre-Historic, Paleo, Archaic, and Woodland are represented in this auction. We used the collection of his records for descriptions. He meticulously maintained his records including dates obtained, receipts with prices paid, research notes, and certifications. We are listing the items individually at the family's request. Given we are not experts in this field, we have spent time researching and listing these items with accurate descriptions. Each item in the catalog was photographed with the actual item, not a representation. PREVIEWS – Stop by Monday through Friday 10 am to 5 pm here at our auction house at 115 N Robb St Trinity, Tx. 75862 Online Auction with a Soft Close – You are at the auction! One lot closes at a time. If there are active bids on a lot, it stays open until the bids stop, just like at a live auction. One lot at a time ends in 20-sec intervals. No sniping here. Each last-minute bid extends the bidding for three minutes on that lot. The live-action portion of the auction starts at 7 PM CST on auction day. Asset Marketing Pros includes a 13% Buyers Premium and offers a 3% Discount for Cash at Pickup within two days of the end of the auction. Asset Marketing Pros, LLC will accept no payments from credit cards outside a USA bank. No out-of-USA bidders approved for the auction—no shipments outside the USA. Review the full description for shipping and payment information available on each lot. Payment and Pickup are due within two days of the auction closing. As a winning bidder, you will receive an “Unpaid Invoice” by email with instructions to complete the sale. Respond with your choices. Please read all Terms and Conditions BEFORE you place a bid. Take care as you bid for the bids are final, and no retractions or cancellations are accepted. Please view our website for more information about our auction company: God Bless and Keep You and Yours, Texas Certified Auction Professionals David F. Drake, CAI CES GPPA TCAP TAL# 16244 Elizabeth Drake, CAI ATS GPPA TCAP TAL# 16596 Call or Text 936-594-0812 Download our FREE mobile app, keep the auction FUN going, and see what's next at the auction house. Visit our website - click Mobile App in the menu and download the app from your app store button. Native American Navajo Indian Weavedn 5 ft x 7 ft Area Rug Handmade display table for collecitbles, arrowheads, knives, stamps or coins Oak Collectibles Display Case for Arrowheads, Knives or Coins Pre Columbian Mayan Clay Warrior Effigy Pre Columbian Mayan Clay Smoking Pipe Pre Columbian Mayan Clay Turtle Whistle Incised Bannerstone Boatstone Indian Artifact Native Indian Clay Smoking Pipe Artifact American Indian Mano & Metate Grinding Stone American Indian Mano and Metate Grinding Stone 1700's American Indian Trade Beads Necklace w/ COA NA Indian Hopi Beaded Choker Necklace NA Indian Sioux Ceremonial Buffalo Rib Bow 29" T NA Indian Sioux Sun Dance Thunderbird War Axe Texas Found Kerrville Knife Overstreet Price Guide Book Ensor Projectile Point Dwain Rogers COA Texas Dalton Point Dwain Rogers COA Arkansas Artifact Plainview Point Dwain Rogers COA Texas Artifact Conejo Projectile Point Dwain Rogers COA Texas Early Triangle Point Dwain Rogers COA TX. Artifact Wells Projectile Point Dwain Rogers COA Texas Wells Point Dwain Rogers COA Texas Artifact Castroville Point Dwain Rogers COA Texas Artifact Quad Projectile Point Dwain Rogers COA Arkansas Friday Knife Dwain Rogers COA Texas Artifact Arkabutla Point Dwain Rogers COA Arkansas Artifact Clovis Point D. Rogers & K. Partain COA's Arkansas Covis Projectile Point Dwain Rogers COA - Oklahoma Levi Point Dwain Rogers COA East Texas Artifact Holland Point Dwain Rogers COA Arkansas Artifact Clovis Point D Rogers & K Partain COAs TX Artifact Clovis Point Dwain Rogers COA Texas Artifact Barnes-Fluted Point Rogers & Partain COA's Texas Arkabutla Point Greg Perino & Ken Partian COA's Midland Point Gregory Perino COA Texas Artifact Graham Cave Point Joe Vandiver COA Arkansas McKean Point Jeb Taylor COA Texas Artifact Golondrina Point Ben Stermer COA Texas Artifact Golondrina Point J Dickey & K Partain COA's - Ark. Pontchartrain Type II William Jackson COA - ARK. Ellis Knife William Jackson COA Texas Artifact Scottsbluff Type II Sam Williams COA Texas Find Zephyr Point Sam Williams COA Texas Artifact Early Stemmed Point Tom Davis COA Texas Artifact Barnes Fluted Clovis T Davis & K Partain COA's ARK Beaver Lake Point Tom Davis COA Arkansas Artifact Clovis Point T. Davis & K. Partain COA's Arkansas Searcy Point Sam Johnson COA Arkansas Artifact Searcy Point Sam Johnson COA Arkansas Artifact Plainview Point Sam Johnson COA Arkansas Artifact Plainview Point Sam Johnson COA Texas Artifact Clovis Point Sam Johnson COA Arkansas Artifact
Auction Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions of the Auction - Please read carefully and completely as not all auctions are the same. Your acceptance of a bid card, registration, or bidding on a lot at our auctions constitutes your acceptance and agreement to the following terms and conditions. 1. WARRANTIES & DISCLAIMERS: All items sold to the highest bidder, no refund, returns, or exchanges and with all faults. THE AUCTIONEER AND SELLER EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM AND EXCLUDE THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Bidders should rely solely on inspection of all items before the sale and should satisfy themselves regarding each item’s usefulness, value, and condition. We have inspection previews in person for each auction, whether held live in our facility or online. The Seller, Auctioneer, and Buyer agree that the Buyer is responsible for and agrees to indemnify Seller, Auctioneer, or their respective affiliates for any damages, losses, expenses, attorney fees, court costs, etc. because of the removal, possession, or use of any items purchased at auction. So it includes any other claim regarding the use or possession of any asset purchased at this auction. Lot information is determined by research and what we can see during the inspection of the item(s) offered for sale. We do not accept bid retractions. So pay attention while you are submitting your bid, in person, or online. Your bid is a binding contract. When the Auctioneer or software states, sold to the winning bidder, it is no longer available. The liability of the item(s), including responsibility for payment, loss, or damage, rests solely with the bidder. Asset Marketing Pros, LLC will not be held responsible for the internet, computer software, or other human entry errors. 2. TERMS: Bidding on any lot regardless of how the bid is presented by the bidder, in person, by absentee, by agent, online, or by phone indicates the buyer's agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions. No bids may be canceled or retracted. All bids received are final. The auctioneer will not be held responsible for any failure to execute a bid for any reason. By agreeing to accept these terms and conditions, the buyer agrees to hold harmless the Auctioneer or associates for any internet or electronic failures. 3. REGISTRATION/ BIDDER REQUIREMENTS: Bidders will register for an auction in person with a valid government identification card with a photo. Online bidders register for an auction with a valid credit card. The credit card will be verified to prevent credit card theft. Bidders will complete registration information in person or online and agree to the sale’s terms and conditions before placing a bid. Any questions, ask before bidding, please. 4. BUYERS PREMIUM OF 13% with a 3% discount for cash. Buyers will be invoiced for the lot’s final bid price, plus 13%, plus applicable Texas Sales & Use Tax of 8.25%. Checks do not receive the 3% discount as they are not cash. 5. SALES TAX: We will add Texas Sales and Use Tax of 8.25% to all invoices unless a completed Resale or Exemption Form is on file in our office before purchase. Email completed forms to 6. INVOICE PAYMENT REQUIREMENTS & TYPES ACCEPTED: ONLINE payments only accept the credit card entered on the registration. The payment method online is restricted to the card you register for the auction. You can not change the card information after the auction registration, so be sure to use the card you intend for us to charge. We do not hand key in credit card information over the phone to protect you from credit card fraud. ONLY list the card to be charged when registering for our auction - Do not register with a card you do not wish to use for purchases. IN PERSON we accept personal checks with proper identification and cash payments. Payments made in cash within two days of the auction receive a 3% discount. All nonpaid invoices will have the bidder banned from future auctions- Thank You. IMPORTANT information for the ONLINE bidder: Please note you select a credit card to pay for your auction wins when you register for the auction. So you can not change the Credit Card after registration. Be careful when selecting your payment option during the registration process. The online software will not send other card options to the auctioneer after you register for the auction. No credit cards are keyed into our system by phone. 7. SHIPPING / PACKING OR LOADING: Buyers are responsible for all shipping and handling costs, insurance purchases, and packing or loading of their items. It is the responsibility of the buyer to remove purchased property from the auction facility. It is standard practice to combine items won from the same auction into one box for shipping if feasible. Shipping items via USPS upon request for your use though we will not be held liable for any loss or damage to the property. For shipping and handling options and fees, refer to the Shipping / Pick Up information located on each auction lot. Shipping available to the USA only at this time. 8. REMOVAL / STORAGE OF PROPERTY: The buyer assumes all responsibility for the removal of purchased items. Auctioneer does not offer these services. If the buyer fails to pick up or remove property within 60 days, the items become the property of Asset Marketing Pros, LLC and the buyer forfeits the monies paid. 9. FIREARMS: Federal Licensed Firearms Facility, all documents, and background checks will affect this and all auctions of firearms. It is necessary to provide your identification (establish identity, place of residence, physical address, and age of the buyer.) to complete the ATF Form 4473. Examples of acceptable identification are as follows: Texas Drivers License, Texas License to Carry Handgun, Texas State Identification Card, Military ID. Texas License to Carry Handgun holders are exempt from the background check though required to complete Form 4473 and have LTC & Driver's License in hand. The buyer agrees to have any used firearm checked by a certified gunsmith before firing. The buyer assumes all legality, liability, and responsibility for the condition, use & security/storage of the firearm purchased. The buyer certifies by purchasing a gun that they are legally qualified to buy and own the firearm. There are no state or local laws preventing ownership, and the owner will utilize a trigger lock to prevent accidents. The buyer understands that all guns are potentially dangerous if mishandled. We have no established testing facility and assume no liability for the safe functioning of any firearm sold. The buyer must be at least 18 years old to purchase a long gun and 21 years of age to purchase a handgun. Please check with your FFL / gun transfer dealer on age and other gun ownership requirements in your state. Upon purchase, the buyer assumes all liability and responsibility, including but not limited to the usage and safe storage of the purchased firearm. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) controls the licensing of Auctioneers in this state. If you have any compliments or complaints, contact our office at 936-594-0812. IF you have an unresolved issue, contact the TDLR in writing by mail to PO Box 12157 Austin, Texas, at 1-800-803-9202. We sincerely appreciate your business! Asset Marketing Pros, LLC 115 N Robb St Trinity, Texas 75862 Auctioneers: David F. Drake CAI, CES, GPPA TCAP TAL#16244 & Liz Drake CAI, ATS, GPPA TCAP TAL#16596 Proud members of the Texas Auctioneers Association & the National Auctioneers Association Certified Auctioneer Institute (CAI) Texas Certified Auction Professionals (TCAP) Certified Estate Specialist (CES) Graduate Personal Property Appraiser (GPPA) Auction Technology Specialist (ATS) --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Terms Of Use

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Buyer Premium 13%BP -3% Discount Cash Pd 2 Days
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Unpaid invoices are emailed to you as soon as the auction ends. Please respond to your email. We accept The Credit Card you verified with your registration for the auction. No credit cards accepted by phone or email. Credit cards must be drawn on a USA Bank. We accept checks or other credit / debit cards with your identification for pickups. We accept Cash at pickup. ONLY Cash payments, not checks or debit cards will receive a 3% discount if you pay within two days of the auction ending.
We do NOT ship out of the United States. Items will be shipped to verified credit card billing address ONLY. We ship USPS (Post Office) Only. USPS Flat Rate Box - If it Fits it Ships Pricing + applicable Tx Sales Tax will be included on your paid invoice. Rates for Flat Rate Shipping Boxes: Small box = $9.50 Medium box = $17.00 Large box = $24.00. Shipping price above does NOT include signature fees or insurance fees. All other shipping boxes will have a box fee and handling charge added to actual USPS ship fee which will vary by size and availablity. Lots are combined for shipping IF it will ship safely. FOR PICKUPS: Hours are from10am to 5pm. Items can be picked up at our facility: Asset Marketing Pros, LLC 115 N Robb St (Hwy 19) Trinity, Tx 75862. Questions, just call us 936-594-0812. PICKUP is available for the first two days after the auction ends online. Example: For a Thursday auction, pickup days will be Friday and Saturday between 10 am and 5 pm central time. Friday would have Saturday and Sunday pickup days, etc. Please reply to your emailed "Unpaid Invoice" with your choice of shipping or pickup. Buyer will remove merchandise within 2 days of the auction or storage fees will be assessed. Thank You, David and Liz